Comercial Warranty


These warranty terms and conditions ("T&C") cover the whole range of Talladium products ("Products"), manufactured by Talladium España S.L. and distributed by Geoda Medical, S.L. and other official distributors.

The guarantee described in these T&C is exclusively for the benefit of the clinician ("Clinician") and the dental technician ("Technician") and not for the benefit of third parties or institutions, including patients.


Talladium Spain S.L offers a lifetime guarantee on its entire range of products from the date of commercialization.



Subject to the provisions of the limitations and exceptions described in these T&C, Talladium España S.L will offer the following benefits:

a) In the event that the Products present original defects that impede their proper use, Talladium España S.L. will replace these Products without any additional cost for the customer.

 b) In the case that after the use of our Products (Dynamic Abutment® or Dynamic TiBase®) these cause a failure in the prosthesis, having followed and complied the professional with all the instructions for use of the product, and the professional had to make a new prosthesis, Talladium España SL will replace the abutments or Tibases and all the screws necessary to redo the prosthesis, as well as the costs derived from the manufacture thereof.

c) In the case of having used our products, and having complied with all instructions for use of the product, the implants suffer any damage caused by these products, TALLADIUM ESPAÑA S.L. will take care of the cost of the implants. This coverage will only be valid for the first 6 months from the invoice date of these products.



To receive the benefits detailed in these ("T&C"), the professional must meet the following requirements:

A) The claim must be notified to TALLADIUM ESPAÑA S.L. within a maximum period of (30) days from the date in which the claimed defect was detected.

B) The professional must contact the customer service department by phone or email to make the claim (Tel +34973289580 and

C) Talladium España S.L. will provide you with a claim form, which must be filled out properly and attach a document or report that justifies the defect of the product. The defective product will be sent to the offices of TALLADIUM ESPAÑA S.L. within the previously indicated period.


D) Professionals who submit a claim in accordance with these ("T&C") must be up to date in payments to TALLADIUM ESPAÑA S.L. or to any of its subsidiaries at the time the claim form is submitted.

E) All procedures for the use of our Products must be carried out in accordance with the instructions of TALLADIUM ESPAÑA S.L. and with commonly accepted dental practices.

F) The expenses derived from this procedure will be assumed by the client. The return costs will be assumed by TALLADIUM ESPAÑA S.L. in all cases that are covered by these ("T&C").



Except for the guarantee described in these T&C, neither TALLADIUM ESPAÑA S.L. neither its representatives, nor the third parties that manufacture or distribute the Products, make representation or offer guarantee, agreement or any other express or implied commitment, oral or written, with respect to the Products (without limitation), including guarantees involved in the commercialization, durability or suitability for individual uses or purposes.

Additionally, and to the maximum extent permitted by the corresponding law, TALLADIUM ESPAÑA S.L. rejects (in its own name, and on behalf of its representatives and third parties that manufacture or distribute these products) any liability with respect to any direct or indirect damage caused, that may result from or be a consequence of the design or composition of the prosthesis dental in which the products are integrated.



The following are excluded from this guarantee:

- The abutments once transformed as part of the dental prosthesis. Not so with the screws used in anchoring them.

- Screws that have been in the mouth for more than 2 years.

- When the failure is due to wear and normal use of the products, or inadequate storage of them.



Talladium España S.L reserves the right to modify or withdraw these T&C at any time and without prior notice. Any modification or suspension will not affect the product already installed in patients before the date of said modification.